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The history of Allen-Edmonds dates back to 1922. Originally established in the small town of Belgium, Wisconsin, today the company still has its headquarters in the state where it was founded. Throughout its history, Allen-Edmonds has achieved success by continually evolving without ever losing sight of important traditions.

The Leather
Selecting leather of the highest grade is the first step in crafting a pair of Allen-Edmonds shoes. Each leather component is cut with great care to avoid any imperfections.

The Linings
Even the interiors of our shoes are made with the finest natural materials. We use only full leather linings because leather breathes better that synthetic materials.

A cork layer between the insole and the outsole forms perfectly to feet for supreme comfort. A unique imprint is created, making Allen-Edmonds shoes feel custom-made for the wearer.

For our dress shoes, we select premium leather soles that flex naturally with feet in motion. Rubber soles for casual styles are equally flexible and provide additional traction.

360 Degree Welt
This distinctive process durably binds the upper, insole, and sole all the way around the shoe. The result is remarkable durability, flexibility and comfort.

Shankless Construction
Unlike most shoes, Allen-Edmonds require no rigid shank for support. Shankless, our shoes move naturally with your feet and feel great the first time you wear them.

Contoured Lasts
Our shoes are crafted on special lasts that more accurately mimic men’s feet. The high spots on each last form pockets right where feet tend to need extra room, making your fit perfect and precise.

With widths from AAA-EEE and sizes 6-16, Allen-Edmonds shoes are available in 104 different size and width combinations. A more extensive selection would be quite difficult to find.

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