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How often should I dry clean my clothing?
You should dry clean only when the garment is soiled. Only steam and press when it is wrinkled.  The dry cleaning process slowly removes the natural emollients found in the fibers of your garment, thus over time this can leave it stiffer and less lustrous then originally.

What kind of starch should I use on my shirts?
Starch is an abrasive material composed of tiny granules which over time can actually degrade the shirt fabric. We endorse light starch only.  If you like a stiffer collar and cuff, have us double fuse them during crafting. This will give you the same feeling as heavy starch without the damage.

Why do some wool fabrics wrinkle more than others?
Because they have lower thread counts and because of the finished weave.  Clothes are graded according to the finished thread count and the higher the thread count, generally the more resilient to wrinkling.  Also, many weaves are currently used to manufacture fabrics and some are designed to minimize wrinkles.   This includes the new clothes that are marketing as “travel cloths”.  We can guide you expertly when you make your selections.  Request our fabric grading booklet for a detailed exclamation.

My skin sometimes shows sensitivity to wools, are there some I can still wear?
Absolutely! Wools are woven with two basically different preparatory techniques called combing and carding.  You would opt for a cloth featuring both.  This technique will render the cloth very smooth and minimize irritation.

What is the correct shoe to wear?
The rule of thumb is this: tie shoes for suits and tie or slip-ons for sport coats.

What knot should I use on my neckties?
The four-in-hand is the current knot of choice because it allows you to tie a wonderful knot with the thicker woven ties that are very popular today.

What collar spread should I use on my shirts?
Oval faces look best with a narrow spread and narrow or aquiline faces look best with a more open spread.

Is double-breasted in?
Absolutely! It’s all about your individual style, not what the masses are endorsing.

What about vests?
Same answer as above.

Pleated pant vs. plain front – what should I do?
They both have a place. Pleats tend to balance wider shouldered builds and offer more comfort.  Plain front pants are trimmer and very flattering.  Choose according to the application they will be worn for.

What about vibram soles versus leather soles?
There are very dressy vibram shoes available today that are perfect for those individuals who do not wear rubbers in the rain or snow.  You cannot discern that the shoe has a rubber bottom!  Leather is great for dry days but if it gets wet, be sure to use shoe trees or when it dries it has a tendency to curl. 

I just lost/gained significant weight, can my clothes be adjusted?
Depending on your build, clothing can be altered up to two sizes.

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