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Loro Piana – Tasmanian

The name Tasmanian is derived from the island which was discovered in 1642 by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. Tasmania is a small island located in the Indian Ocean south of Australia, The world’s largest island. Saxon merino sheep were introduced to the island around 1820, some decades after they were first imported to Australia. Merino fleece yields very fine wool and the Tasmanian climate especially in the Blue Mountains area, proved to be particularly suitable to this breed. Loro Piana selected this wool for its Tasmanian fabric. Today this caliber of merino wool not only comes from Tasmania but from the very best stock farms in Australia, thus expanding the market for raw materials.

Loro Piana created Tasmanian in response to a very basic need: that of the person who lives and works in a climate-controlled environment. In the 1960’s, consumers were starting to challenge the convention of heavyweight clothe and were looking for a solution to their wardrobe needs. Thus developed the fabric known as Tasmanian: and the name which Loro Piana registered as its exclusive trademark. Weighing only eight ounces per yard, Tasmanian is made of “Super 100’S” merino wool: the yarn spun from this wool is so fine that one pound is spun into a thread measuring 31 miles long. Skillfully spun and woven, the wool confers its outstanding characteristics to the fabric.

Being hygroscopic, (capable of absorbing water up to 33% of its weight) the fabric never feels damp because it returns water to the atmosphere through the continuous transpiration process. Its permeability allows the vapors from transpiration to be diffused into the air. Thermal insulation is provided by air trapped in the intersections of the fiber threads. Furthermore the fabric is crease-resistant and has superior strength. These natural attributes of wool, enhanced by specialized stabilizing and finishing techniques, guarantee Tasmanian’s excellent performance. The fabrics are suitable for all seasons: they’re comfortable, lightweight, fashionable, versatile, uncrushable and perfect for at least ten months a year.

Loro Piana manufactures this cloth in two versions: Tasmanian and Winter Tasmanian. The latter is a double-warp construction and somewhat heavier weighing almost twelve ounces per yard.

The success of Tasmanian is due above all to the quality of the wool…the very best on the market. Then there is the experience in weaving.

Beginning with the purchase at auction of the best wool lots, Loro Piana controls the entire production process from spinning to weaving and finishing in its own plants. Loro Piana is a world leader in the high-end textile market.

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